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Five Diamond Flooring

Eclipse (Full Moon)

Eclipse (Full Moon)

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10 Tiles - 22.5 Square Feet per box.

✅ SUPER COMFORTABLE: Each tile has an attached 6 lb high density memory foam cushion. No additional cushion is needed as the attached memory foam cushion offers extreme comfort.

✅ PET FRIENDLY: With our PureColor fiber system, these carpet tiles resist staining from things like red wine, chocolate, and even pet stains. With our PureColor Fiber system, the color goes all the way through each carpet strand. This means the color won't stain, wear off, or fade.

✅ PEEL AND STICK INSTALLATION: Each carpet tile has pressure sensitive adhesive applied to the backing. Simply peel the sheet off the back of each tile and place, making installation DIY Friendly and a great moneysaver.

✅ SEAMLESS APPEARANCE: Using our proprietary technology we cut these carpet tiles without touching the face fiber, resulting in a virtually seamless installation that looks like wall to wall carpet. Plus you can replace a tile if needed in the future, saving the cost of replacing the entire room of carpet.

✅ ECLIPSE- HIGH QUALITY: Our ECLIPSE line is the premium peel and stick carpet tile on the market. Our PureColor fiber technology means every tile is durable as well as bleach, stain and fade resistant.


ECLIPSE Carpet Tiles by Five Diamond Flooring. Many have tried to create residential carpet tiles over the years, and all have failed...until now: ECLIPSE carpet tile by Five Diamond Flooring is the first product to look, feel, and perform like traditional wall to wall carpet installed over cushion. We start with our industry-leading color options. Then add in our PureColor Fiber technology, meaning every single fiber is stain and fade resistant and extremely durable. Then we add our soft 6 lb. memory foam cushion with peel and stick adhesive backing to each tile. Finally, we use our state of the art cutting technology cut these 18"x18" carpet tiles without ever cutting the face fibers. This means that after installation the carpet fibers will blend together for a virtually seamless appearance. At Five Diamond Flooring, we've made installing carpet easier than ever before. Installing carpet used to mean hiring an expensive professional installer. Not anymore! With our exclusive technology, we've created a product you can install yourself that looks like a wall to wall carpet, coupled with even better performance than a traditional carpet. Our Peel and Stick Installation System can be installed upstairs, downstairs, over most subfloors, as an area rug or carpet runner in a garage. Can be installed over most surfaces such as: plywood, concrete, OSB, particleboard, vinyl, laminate, tile and some finished hardwood floors. 

Installation Instructions:

1) Prep Floor. Make sure floor is clean, smooth, flat and free of any contaminants or adhesive residue.

2) Mark center of room in both directions with a chalk line.

3) Install. Start at the intersection point of your chalk lines with the first tile. Install all tiles with the arrow on back of tiles facing the same direction. Run pencil down seams to release any trapped fibers. Vacuum once installation is complete to remove any loose fibers. 


 Installation Instructions:

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