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Five Diamond Flooring

Feather (Flight)

Feather (Flight)

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✅ Peel and Stick Installation: Each Carpet Tile has pressure sensitive adhesive applied to the backing. Simply peel the sheet off the back of each tile and place, making installation DIY Friendly and a great money saver.

✅ PET FRIENDLY: With our PureColor fiber system, these carpet tiles resist staining from things like red wine, chocolate, and even pet stains. With our PureColor Fiber system, the color goes all the way through each carpet strand. This means the color won't stain, wear off, or fade.

✅ WARM, COMFORTABLE, VALUE PRICED: Peel and Stick Carpet Tiles are a great way to add warmth underfoot in any room of your house. Great for bedrooms, area rugs, runners, garages, basements, or entire rooms of your home.

✅ SEAMLESS APPEARANCE: Using our proprietary technology we cut these carpet tiles without touching the face fiber, resulting in a virtually seamless installation that looks like wall to wall carpet. Plus you can replace a tile if needed in the future, saving the cost of replacing the entire room of carpet.


FEATHER Carpet Tiles by Five Diamond Flooring. These carpet tiles are soft, light, and breathable. Great for installing in any room of your home, and excellent for adding a warm, soft surface to your basement. Peel and Stick carpet tile that actually work! With our proprietary, industry-leading cutting technology, we cut each and every carpet tile without ever touching the face fibers. This means that once installed properly, the appearance will be nearly seamless and the carpet tiles will blend together (nobody else can make this claim!) FEATHER Carpet Tiles by Five Diamond Flooring: Soft, Light, Affordable and BEAUTIFUL!

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