Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Five Diamond Flooring?

We are a Direct-to-consumer (DTC) online flooring business. Direct to consumer means our products are made by us, and sold directly to you, the customer. This model cuts out all the traditional channels that buying floor covering typically goes through (such as distributors, retail stores, buying groups, etc...) Not only does this business model make our products an incredible value to consumers, but it allows us to have full control and creativity over our products. We are not stuck with what our suppliers manufacture, as we are able to manufacture our own products. This allows us to come up with anything we think customers will love, like peel and stick flooring, and accent wall planks. 


Q. What do you sell?

We sell peel and stick carpet tiles with attached cushion, peel and stick vinyl plank flooring, and peel and stick accent wall planks. 

Q. Why peel and stick flooring?

2 reasons: The first, simply because they are so easy to install. No manufacturer has ever taken the peel and stick products seriously, until now. The ones that have tried it in the past, have always geared their products towards the low-cost, big box store audience. No one has even attempted developing high-quality peel and stick products for home, until now. Our products are tested and proven to be high-quality. Our carpet tiles look nearly invisible once installed, and even feel like traditional carpeting with the attached cushion. 

The 2nd reason is the installation labor crisis in our country. The average age of a flooring installer in the United States is currently nearing 60 years old. Many are retiring every day and not nearly enough people are getting into the trade. This has resulted in a dire shortage of installers, pushing labor prices through the roof, and making months-long waiting lists for installation a common occurrence. We feel like offering consumers a good quality option that installs very easily is the way to go. This gives you the option of installing yourself and saving some money. Or you could also have your installer install our products if you have a connection with a flooring installer. 

Q. What makes your products unique?

They are unique because we can offer something that's never been done before. Truly unique patterns and colors in peel and stick. We have decades of experience in selling flooring, from apartment rentals, remodeling homes, and selling and installing floor covering in hundred million dollar plus properties. With our experience, we've taken some of the best looks and product features (such as 20 mil wear layer vinyl plank flooring) and we make them into a product that's more affordable and easily suited for DIY installation. Plus, being a direct-to-consumer (DTC) company means we can react to the market trends quicker than anyone if we see a hot new trend or color emerging in the market.