Peel and Stick Carpet= Huge Cost Savings

Peel and Stick Carpet= Huge Cost Savings


Peel and stick flooring has been around for a while. But before us, no one took it seriously. No one invested much time, effort, or energy trying to actually make it a great product. The thought has always been, peel and stick flooring is a super cheap, big box store type of floor that's not expected to last long or perform well.

We've changed that philosophy! In the past, peel and stick carpet tile just didn't work well. It was painfully obvious that it was carpet tile as you could easily see the outlines of every piece, and the edges would always fray. Not to mention they didn't stick down very well.

Our revolutionary Peel and Stick Carpet Tiles by Five Diamond Flooring have changed the game. Not only do we have a variety of incredible looking carpet tile styles and colors, but the performance is unbelievable. Our revolutionary cutting machines feature proprietary technology that no other manufacturers have access to. This technology actually cuts the carpet tiles without ever touching the face fiber, resulting in a seamless looking carpet installation. And the best part? We have peel and stick carpet tiles that feature built in cushion! Previously if you installed peel and stick carpet, you'd be stuck with a hard feeling, almost commercial style of floor in your home. No one wants to be reminded of the office when they are at home, relaxing on the weekend. But with our attached cushion (featured on our Eclipse and Peak Performance Lines) your carpet will be just as soft as a traditional sheet carpet stretched in over carpet cushion.

And the best part? Installation is a breeze. This enables you to install the carpet yourself and save money. We've flipped, remodeled, and installed flooring in tens of thousands of homes, and have not yet encountered a single contractor who was willing to install their own carpet. Contractors know that traditional carpet installation is very difficult to install and is best left to the professional flooring installers. Not anymore. With Five Diamond Flooring's Peel and Stick Carpet Tiles, we enable anyone to be their own professional carpet installer. 

Check out our current styles in the products tab, with select styles on sale now for a limited time only!

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