Re-imagining the Accent Wall

Re-imagining the Accent Wall

Accent walls have always been a fun addition to add to your home. But the problem was, they've always been expensive, labor intensive, or they just wouldn't last very long. Many peel and stick type of accent walls are like a heavy piece of real wood or laminate, making it almost impossible to get them to stay stuck on the wall permanently with a peel and stick tape. Also the heavy product is big, bulky, and expensive to ship.

The only way to get these to stay on the wall permanently is use a nailer. Which is expensive, takes time, or requires the hiring of a professional contractor.

Here at Five Diamond Flooring, we decided to take this challenge head one and re-imagine the accent wall. The first thing we needed, was a pattern and color that is absolutely stunning. After evaluating thousands of print films, we settled on Gray Reclamation Oak as our first introduction. The colors are stunning, having light and dark grays, mixed with some light browns, and even some blue and yellow undertones. This color will do with many different decor options, from modern to classic.

The next issue was creating a product that will remain stuck on the wall. We've sold the traditional wall planks for years in our retail store. In fact, we were one of the largest wall plank retailers in the country. But through this experience, we learned the fatal flaw of the traditional wall plank: they were just to heavy to permanently stay affixed to the wall. They may stay for 6 months to a year, but eventually the weather would change, walls would get cold, and the planks would slowly but surely start to let loose.

We solved this problem by re-imaging the wall plank product from the ground up. We developed a product that isn't wood or laminate at all. It's actually a very light weight product that consists of the product film and a wear layer on the top, with the back being made of a cushioned foam (to help conform around imperfections if the wall) with our gorilla grip adhesive technology on the back. This product truly sticks with the strength of a gorilla's grip, so be careful where you place it during installation because it will be stuck once applied.

The combination of our incredible strength adhesive technology along with the super light-weight product created the ideal wall plank material. The light weight requires less adhesive strength to remain stuck to the wall, and our over-engineered grip technology means it's not moving at all, even if the product were much heavier than it is.

Go ahead and try a box today, you won't believe the feel of one of our planks. They are so light they feel like they can float! But once you test the strength of our adhesive, you'll be a believer that this product will remain on your wall, exactly where you place it.

And the best part is, this product being light weight means shipping costs less, and we can package more pieces per box than anyone else. We have 108 Square Feet in a single package! That's enough for an 8'x12' accent wall in a single box! Compare this to our competitors products of that are typically between 10 to 20 square feet in a box.

The light weight and insane grip of our product makes the installation easier than ever! Easily cut these planks with a scissors. Line up a level center point on your wall, draw a line, and start installing. It's as simple as that. And once these planks are installed, you'll love the pattern of our Gray Reclamation Oak color.

We are so excited to launch these wall planks. Make sure to sign up for our newsletter for more information on upcoming product launches (many more innovations coming) and for future offers and discounts.

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